The game. Online fun with family & friends. Suitable for ages 10 and up.
All the fun of creative play!

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5 - 10 players

Play with family and friends

Discover the hilarity. Write captions for playful images. Then guess who wrote the winning caption. Hilarious fun for online parties!

Captions is a free online in-browser game that is designed to run while having a separate videoconferencing or audio call in another window. Start a call (Zoom, Google Meet, etc.) with 4-9 others. Then start a game of Captions by clicking the play button below. One person acts as host and sends the room code to the other players.

Captions comes with hours of free images, with optional 12 image add-on packs ranging from $0.00 to $1.47 each.
Easy does it. There's no right or wrong captions. Playful, serious, mysterious, mischievous. Anything goes. Channel your inner-chimp.
The driving instructor kept the shark on the roof to give his teenage clients the driving confidence they needed.
Jaws XXVI coming to theaters everywhere. Will Rex and Tyrone save the beach from the shark? Will they be in time to transport the shark to the CIA aquarium? Will it get out again? Will they be able to think of a better place to put it? You’ll have to watch to find out.
Republicans propose sweeping legislation to make sharks cool again by force of law. Fox News does a 4 week media blitz to cover story.
Try to think of captions other players wouldn't expect you to write, or try bluffing by writing captions that you think another player would write.
Don't worry. It's safe. My mom and dad gave me permission. It only looks like my dog is driving, I'm holding the wheel from the passenger seat.
Most people play Captions simply for fun, but if you are a highly competitive type, try writing extra wild captions, as these tend to be the ones chosen by the Round Leader for points.

How to play

Each player gets a turn being round leader. 7 players = 7 rounds. As round leader, you select one from dozens of playful images. Gameplay begins when players write captions for each round’s image.

You have 3½ minutes to write 1-2 captions for each round’s image. Write long, short, funny, serious or crazy captions—you name it! Write a long paragraph if you like. There are no wrong captions. Channel your inner chimp! When the time is up, the leader reads everyone’s captions aloud to the group. This is where the fun really begins!

The round leader selects one of the captions from the list and everyone takes turns guessing who wrote it. You earn points for writing the caption chosen for a round or for correctly guessing who wrote it. The player with the most points at the end of the game wins! Detailed instructions are available during play via the help button.

Captions supports many devices

  • Captions works on Mac & PC laptops, desktops & up-to-date iPads/tablets in widescreen mode.
  • The game doesn’t currently work on phones.
  • To play the game at its best, use an up-to-date browser like Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, or a recent edition of Safari.

Play on:

  • Desktops & laptops, iPads/tablets
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Captions is an online game designed for laptops, desktops and tablets in horizontal mode. With a larger screen you can actually see the images better. Please try loading the game on a larger device.